under her skirt


TITLES ARE HARD TO CHOOSE BECAUSE THEY MAKE THE READER ALL SWEATY in uncomfortable places when they find words that match the title. Under her skirt. Titles inject meaning in the arms of otherwise boring ass Times New Roman, and, when you reach the part of the story where the woman in the skirt strolls into the bank, for example, you feel a bit tingly, like after champagne. Your knuckles tighten when another character is introduced- the teller, in green lipstick- who twists tension into the room by saying something about the woman’s skirt: How she wanted to touch it.

Smell it.

You don’t realize that your eyes widen when you come across “under her skirt, where goosebumps had started to prick, down the inside of thighs.”

I can help you over here.*

colour: “Madame Bizarre”, 2013, All rights reserved to Marie Mainguy

words by Liam Lachance

Author: Word and Colour

words inspired by colour wordandcolour.com

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