The Joke


She’s sexy and she knows it, he said.

How wouldn’t you?

Yeah but she knows it too much, like she’s thinks she’s perfect

Just because she didn’t laugh at your joke

You know what I mean

It wasn’t that good of a joke

I’m just saying she walks around like she owns the place

Maybe she does

Come on

Maybe she waited tables today only to break your heart

Yo! I’m just saying she seems stuck up

Maybe if you didn’t make the most awkward jokes 

It was a good joke

Where’d you even get it from? It’s so embarrassing

They’re called anti-jokes

Anyway I’m sure she has a boyfriend already

That’s a big assumption. Here’s another one: What’s the sad thing about a van full of politicians flying off a cliff?

I dunno: That it wasn’t a bus full?

No: They were my friends. 

Alright, better

She seems to dislike me so much: It’s irresistible

And now you’re biting from Seinfeld

I’m giving it new life

(To get a gauge of who she was, you had to catch her mid customer-smile, mid kitchen-banterer)

And you choose the one about a kid getting killed? When the hell has that worked?

You never know

(he liked how she seemed dumb, or how she was a decent actress, because it made him feel good)

Why didn’t the boy cross the road? 

Oh, um, I don’t know- I’m not very good with jokes, sorry! Would you like anything else?    

Because he was hit by a truck  

colour: All rights reserved to Ella KooKoo

words by Liam Lachance

Author: Word and Colour

words inspired by colour

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