The smell of coffee


Someone just died in your city as you read this sentence, in terms of odds, depending how big it is, which, uh, really brings into focus the whole ability to recognize you’re part of something thing: That able to recognize that you are at a point in time, doing something, because you are alive.

You felt that you were part of something, at a point in time: That you were there.

Well, that’s nice: I am part of something. Vague enough to sound academic. I am one with the world. What was it? Was it Oh work’s been going well. I met this girl. Worked on the essay. Did nothing. Watched a movie. Or was it the time between buying and drinking beer. The second you smelled the bag of coffee. The ten seconds spent standing on a street in the sun while waiting for that serious orange hand to switch white. When your phone beeped. Inhaling before an orgasm.*

colour by Renata Domagalska

words by Liam Lachance

Author: Word and Colour

words inspired by colour

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