Time management

browsing jewelry, she says: Money is about space 
     It’s being able to move: To dance in your own car  
(1 security guard, 2 bullet CCTV cameras)
he says: Like looking over a city from a mountain, without buildings in the way? 
     No: Like looking down, from an office
     Empire state?
salesman on the floor says I have a family
she says: You know what poverty is like?
     It’s about inches: centimeters: pressing against strangers on buses 
     In factories
     Exactly: In kitchens
     Shelters: sleeping in smaller beds, rooms like office closets
record response time is five minutes thirty-six, but that was in spring, and it’s February: There’s snow
cover of magazine behind counter reads BETTER YOU: SUITS THAT MAKE THE MAN
she says: Look at what he was reading: 213 ways a real man dresses. This is how a real man talks to women. This is how a man walks
     You’re such a feminist sometimes. We have to go 
     Check out this ad for Coke Zero: White girl smiling to guy in solid shape: Not fat. And it’s definitely not Diet- don’t worry
banging at front door seems tapped with a weapon
     Someone’s trying to get in
     It’s almost like the ad men should just come out and say it: We think you are all idiots
banging at front door is accompanied by a new voice  
toddler standing behind mirror believes an intense game of Hide-And-Go-Seek is being played 
he says: I’ll fucking leave you here
     That’s it, isn’t it: Shut someone up when they say something that confuses you: Goes against what you’ve been told is normal, makes you feel out of place
     Yeah, we’re all monkeys- let’s go
     That’s the problem right there: Laugh it off- oh, ha, men are such disasters, thinking about sex all the time- in this nervous way that exhonerates you from responsibility for what you’ve done- oh I wasn’t in control I’m a gorilla
     For what I’ve done?
officers outside locked front door are counting down
     I’m leaving
     How the assumption that men are just these idiotic monkeys who can’t control themselves isn’t offensive to you, I don’t know
alarm really goes off when he smashes a case
     Look at you: So dramatic: The nervous dog who bites a stranger
her guns are out when door slams open
voice behind mirror says time’s up guys I win!
colour by Remko Heemskerk
words by Liam Lachance 


Author: Word and Colour

words inspired by colour wordandcolour.com

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