Give the kids some credit


They’re drawing lines, pressing shades, sipping vodka waters.

     I see what you mean, he yells, but you can’t blame them for it. 

     What do you mean, she answers, energy drink staining Crest White Stripped teeth pink. It was their decision.

A breeze from the window moves smoke in the room, starting a run on the Du Maurier cigarette paper.

     You gotta give the kids more credit, he says.
     What for? It’s true: It was their decision, says her friend. Nobody was like there with a gun to their head
     Exactly, she says. 
     Not everyone’s perfect, he says.
     No, I can totally see what he means, says his friend, holding a Coors Light Ultra Chill Edition Tallboy. You just can’t blame people because it could be like their parents’ fault, or like maybe they don’t realize how much they’re influenced to act that way by music videos and stuff, right? Have you seen Weezy recently? 

Stolichnaya spilled on a Forever 21 dress is received with a scream and a don’t worry: We’ll fix it!

     What happened? he yells.
     Lily spilled her drink, she says. 
     I thought something serious happened, he says. 
     Anyway you can’t just let them off that easy, she says. I was in class with them- we went to the same schools our whole life- and look at me

Things are improved with a dry and slim Versace sleeveless dress and MAC eyeliner. Three Bud King cans are emptied and Gucci For Him cologne soaks into CK silk. 

     Not everybody can be perfect, he says. We can’t blame them for that: The key thing is that we should figure out the roots of why they aren’t normal- 
     Alright: You’ve lost me, says his friend. 
     So we can know how to fix them, she says.
     Yeah! It’s like helping out developing countries- but within our own, he says. 
     Bro: That’s deep, says his friend. 
     HA! she yells. You sound like a teacher!

Jay’s biceps tense as he tucks them under elbows, gym muscles bulging in an Under Armour T.

     All I’m saying is you need to give the kids more credit… Sometimes, they’re just trying trying to look like that, I mean, because they don’t know they’re being told how to act

    And she yells fuck both of you I hate tattoos!

    Nike Axe Amazon, Audi


    Apple, BMW Blackberry Banana Republic. BCBG.


Ralph Lauren Verizon, Mercedes Claritin Vicodin, Advil Xanax Pfizer. Bridgestone Bowflex Cover Girl. DKNY. Doritos, Sony Evian Best Buy, Gillette AT&T Rogers, McDonalds. Kraft HEINZ Starbucks. PBS Playboy Payless Pepsi 

colour by Jared K. Nickerson

words by Liam Lachance

Author: Word and Colour

words inspired by colour

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