You are so dope


1. Do you find it funny that the land you stand on was stood on by someone else (now bones in a hole) and someone else (now less bones in an older hole) and will be stood on (and walked on and danced on) by others when you no longer stand there (when you are bones in a hole, but fresher, more complete)?

2. We are finally here.

Because you are you- because you are in the evolved present- you need to keep up with the times: You need to prove that you are enlightened by the way we now make watch-phones

You are so dope

3. you have a phone

last person: newspaper

last last person: novel

-Q: What will the next one have?

-A: ____.

Therefore: When the next person has ____, everything you tried to do in your life was cute but outdated and irrelevant

4. Do you feel that what you are doing right now is relevant?

Do you deserve to live in the present?

5. You might not deserve to live in the present

-Wow, thanks

Just work harder

-On what?

-All you have to do is work harder

-On what 

-Work harder to become better

-Work on what

-You can do whatever you want- You can be whoever you want to be

-Cool, so awesome, on what though 

-Athlete doctor lawyer banker: It doesn’t matter: Anybody you want


-Just work harder, and you can have anything: You deserve it 

-Thanks, can I be part athlete, part doctor

-Perfection is not achieved by ignoring your talent. Harness it: You deserve it

-Thanks again. Let’s say I like art, and watching football-

Perfection is not achieved by splitting up core values- You deserve to win because you work harder than everyone else. Hard work flattens out the crinkles of mistakes

-Working construction and reading Victorian lit, cool or?

-Just work harder

-Play golf with feminists-

When Tiger Woods plays golf, he thinks about golf. You can do it

-Think about frogs when sitting on a cement staircase, where someone sat before? 

If you want to be a pedestrian, you have to think like a pedestrian. You have to be a pedestrian. Eat like a pedestrian. Talk like a pedestrian. Walk like a pedestrian. Pedestrians think about pedestrianning. No, pedestrians don’t think about frogs. You deserve it 

colour by Victo Ngai

words by Liam Lachance

update: see Ngai’s art in the New York Times’ Illustrations of 2013

Author: Word and Colour

words inspired by colour

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