Please step back from the ledge


Red shoes on the cement ledge reminded her of Madrid, when she wrote things that most North Americans write about while studying abroad, under red umbrellas: the excitement of encountering something different- eating dinner at midnight, tripping on cobblestone streets, dancing until lunch- and falling in love with someone exotic, before you learned enough of their language to realize they were consumed with the same desires- to eat, drink, fuck and feel wanted, to be the one who made people laugh.  

Put your hands up and step back from the ledge, towards me

She should have been thinking about answering, but she had problems controlling her thoughts to stay in the present, and had had a memory of Madrid triggered by the officers’ voice, sounding identical to a roommate who was notorious for sexually assaulting his friend, always excusing his own actions on alcohol, how alcohol could make you gay, and I have a girlfriend in Peru, and charges never applied because the assaulted guy didn’t know any other group of people to hang out with, all of them new to the place, and she remembered the time when they were smoking by the statue of the bear, when he whispered It doesn’t matter where you were, but who you’re with.

Please step back from the ledge towards me, slowly

She turned around, black earring touching shoulder, wig threatening to separate from her head, for curls to float down, past the windows of the thirty third, thirtieth, eighth floor, startling a few offices, landing on a bird, or down to a car, landing with a pshh on the gum spattered pavement.

Step down from the ledge, hands over your head, and go down on your knees

Have you ever considered the possibility that all of this has already happened, sir?

Step down from the ledge with your hands over your head and you won’t get hurt

I mean to say, that, sir, because this scene has certainly happened before, in this very city, even, or, in this very building, sir, on this very roof, past officers standing where you and your friends are now standing, the person in my position standing where I am standing now, don’t you agree?

I am sure that those situations were sorted out when they agreed to talk, and stepped away from the ledge, where it is safe

Yes, sir, to be safe, but, is there a point to me coming down, off this ledge, sir, if it has already happened?

What I recommend you do right now is to come with us and we can make sure that everything is okay

Sir, I think she is referring to existentialism-

What I recommend you do right now is to come with us, and we can-

Your friend is on to something, sir, but, I mean, what is the value in repeating the same scene? I mean- oh, please tell your friend over there to stop approaching me- yes, you- thank you- I mean is there any point in doing something that has already been done, sir- a cover band covering a song doesn’t make them musicians, right- so why do it the same, sir? Why can’t we have a conversation-

We will have plenty of time for conversations later on, and we can get some food

And she ran towards the officers

Check out the conclusion here 

find the previous scene here

words by Liam Lachance

colour by Benjamin Garcia

Author: Word and Colour

words inspired by colour

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