They were prepared for the worst


Black rectangles split up your view of the port, and gave you the feeling of being in a tree fort without a ladder, gazing over the empty expanse as someone from the country who’d never seen things from so high, that overwhelming feeling of whoa, everything is bigger than I thought, measuring small details of the scene below as if looking for Waldo, commenting on the size of ant-people, isn’t it beautiful.

The officer who made to tackle or catch her was the most surprised

Problems, like ant people, seem small from up high, as if putting some physical space between buildings where things had happened hid you from them, away in a drawer, somewhere where you could feel safe

You wouldn’t have taken her for a martial artist, let alone one of Jean Claude Van Damme caliber, because, well, she seemed like a girly girl, all make up and heels, wig and all, and, uh, it was obvious that, because she was a female in the first place, well, she was mentally incapable of doing certain things that men did, like Mr. Van Damme, because of the very real biological differences between genders, like the natural desire for women to take care of children after being taught that their life would be meaningful if they raised children, or the natural ability to cry on command because society had told them it was okay to do so, whereas men needed to hide it, to hide their natural desire to do so, wait, they didn’t need to hide anything because, from birth, men were mentally different than women, like crows over seagulls, entirely different species, it was surprising that they could communicate whatsoever, and were better suited to study numbers, whereas women were better teachers, for example, because of their natural ability to nurture since they were trained by various systems that benefited on them staying home to act a certain way, or, no, being with children was like a second nature to women, whereas men, well, they tried but, hey, it always came off unnatural, because they were trained for different things, right, no, they were naturally better at different things, like fighting, or base jumping

HOLD YOUR FIRE was a command that four of the five officers listened to

1 pop going off from a nervous one

She took a glance at the skyline, something we might miss if we were watching the scene, focusing more on the bullet and that serious kick, and her next drastic move, which makes sense, seeing that we’d seen the whole thing in a movie before, expecting certain things while missing others, such as the peek she took of the skyline, or wondering what she was thinking about, treeforts, parachutes, maybe, anything but the strength of the wind

They had expected the jump, prepared for it, trained for it, sure, but a few of them had never seen it in real life, reacting differently than how they had been trained, and what they thought they would do, this is not a game, she just jumped

art by Benjamin Garcia

words by Liam Lachance

Author: Word and Colour

words inspired by colour

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