-make more lists

-call her back

-no don’t

-just a little text, like oh hey how’ve you been

-NO and stop this is my list

-you’re having a conversation with yourself, you know

-call vet

-you can’t just ignore me like that

-wash floors

-why call the vet?

-who do you think I should call?

-it’s just a bird

-a bird that didn’t say anything when you needed a wing for support

-well he can’t talk

-do groceries

-come on man

-hair cut


-you SERIOUSLY think you could have got through it without feathers to dry up your tears?


-rent car

-FINE call but we both know what they’ll say

-sign up to Pinterest

– “oh, birds are so complex, your little Benny needs drugs that only I can prescribe”

-and you’re a bird-expert? Birds have wicked memories, relationships

-just give it time and he’ll be fine

-He isn’t moving.

-I have seen him take the longest naps.

-renew license

-WOW you suck

-buy gym membership

-FINE CALL but birds aren’t complicated, they just need time

– do you ever listen to yourself???

– I am yourself

-browse Kijiji for a decent sweater



-OKAY I support your idea. It is a great idea, if it’ll make you feel better

-you always add those bits at the end like you can’t admit that you aren’t the authority on everything

-MAN birds just chirp and fuck. Don’t make it out to be some serious drama

-we’re talking about BIRDSEX now? Remember how he sat on your shoulder, and he never had before?

-WOW connecting unconnected phenomena. We break up and a bird lands on my shoulder. Isn’t bird rocket science

-buy Cheerios

-I’m texting her

-uh no you aren’t

-hey what’s up? Benny Benn misses you

-get skates

-I’m still in love w u

-buy Cheerios

words by Liam Lachance

art by YoAz

find more of Yoaz’ art here 

Author: Word and Colour

words inspired by colour

3 thoughts

  1. I stopped by to thank you for following me and got lost in your list. Your mind works like mine, all over the place. It made me laugh. Maybe it shouldn’t but it did. Anyway, Thanks for following me and I hope you continue to find something worthy of continuing to read.

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