The first post should be about something important, like a New Years Resolution list, or some story about being drunk and finally understanding your friend in this meaningful way on New Years Eve. Moonlight spilling on the sidewalk, we were released from the van, and I realized that it was her. The important thing about resolution lists is that you have one, and that it should never be finished, because nothing is sadder than a finished list, screaming why haven’t you started a new one, you finished the last: It’s time to move on. She said, I told you, we should have left, where are my flowers, you pissed yourself. Lists help you reminisce over strikethrough words about see dentist or do laundry. I said, you were sitting on me, are you sure it was me. Finished lists can remind you that you were productive, sure, that you’d done things, like go on second date, or buy flowers, or set up Eharmony profile. The thing about getting released, I thought, was that the police never discussed how you looked and never apologized for arresting you, for no reason other than, well, how she’d asked for his badge number after he’d asked for her phone number. New lists helped you think of things, new things, in the new year, 2014.


colour by Frau Isa

words by L. Lachance

Author: Word and Colour

words inspired by colour wordandcolour.com

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