trigger warning: violence

1. 2014 was a strange time to live: 99% made sense, and then something was completely off, like a dream where your elementary school teacher serves you at the bar, and you wake up, realizing it was a dream. The difference with the 1% of 2014 was that we were waking up to it. 2. Our water started to taste like plastic, and so we made sure to talk about identity: Our phantom grandchildren gave us the phantom middle-finger- thanks a lot for the oil in my diaper, dickheads. 3. Indigenous women are murdered in some pretty straightforward ways that even CSI’s David Karuso could figure out, sunglasses and all, so we say, uh, we know it sounds strange, but keep an open mind: David Blane has finally mastered the ability to make native women completely disappear – it’s incredible. 4. Voyeurs, we watch stories set in the past so we won’t feel guilty when people are destroyed, mostly the same ones who are destroyed today: Because the show is in the past, this violence happened in the past, so today everything is okay, Mad Men, Django, 12 years a slave, that scene when she was hung, I almost threw up, it was so well-shot. 5. How do you blame a group that was oppressed and later indoctrinated by the leaders of their resistance, trained to believe that identity was nuclear-reactor-sinking-in-the-pacific important, forget your phantom-grandchildren’s middle fingers or the last seconds of those dead women, or the fact that companies, who we’re kind of selling the place to, don’t need to have a moral compass- you might be tacitly contributing to the extinction of your species, looking the other way as plastic scorpions are placed in your childrens’ sandboxes- but the indoctrination story was sexy, at least: A settler arrived by canoe to fight off dinosaurs, surviving on his own and impregnating the passive land with this massive flag, hard, before the second settler arrived with a bigger rod and a few buddies, saying, hey, mon ami, speak white.

Let’s go home already (eyes waiting for an answer, wanting something clear, yes or no – you were stalling – did you want to go home – it’s a simple question – why stay at the bar – why not go home, where you made the rules, and nobody was being hurt – but the screen, it’s so big here- her eyes) we can watch the debate at home.


1. How do you blame a group who has been oppressed when they stand up to yell about being allowed to talk in their language, having been restricted from doing so before?

2. How do you blame a group who has been called animals when they take their turn to call people-they-have-been-told-are- not-like-them animals? How do you blame the group who has been called uncivilized when they tell these people-they-have-been-told-don’t-share-the-same-blood that your language is primal, ours is civilized- no offense, but you’re closer to dogs than we are: Sit.  

3. How do you blame this group when they tell these people-they-have-been-told-don’t-digest-food-the-same-way that we will tolerate you, for the time being, so long as these shitty jobs need to get done, I’m working on my PhD, I don’t care if your family has been here longer than mine, you will never be from here

You blame someone at some point for something: Someone is keeping this idea alive – the system is benefiting someone. Must be. In 2014, capitalism benefits at least 1 of 100 people, right, let’s go with that 1 of the 100, the evil mastermind, Pinky and The Brain… or is it the others, the majority who the minority has assumed stupid, who have been taken advantage of as kids by educating them to keep them unaware of their power, to keep them angry about the one thing, producing this scarily impressive, self-sustaining system? Look: That person is the problem: They’re getting on the bus: Let out your frustration on them. Où est-tu, mon Big Brother Franco-Québecois?

I’m leaving

You sigh with the arrival of a commercial – they get up to leave, you say one minute, hold on – the commercial on screen is a tabloid news update about the lower economic class, how another one-of-them-so-different-from-you did something so animalistic, you won’t believe what she said in our interview: It’s hilarious. Ethnic nationalism divides people to concentrate power: No matter that it is impossible to accurately represent a group with one identity, you’re missing the point: You’re forgetting about the game: It’s easier to predict who will vote for you if you make one group feel that they are a privileged group, and that you are there to protect them from the beasts. The person on the monitor says, if elected, they will make identity and white people a priority in their agenda. Another person on the monitor, of a different gender, says, if elected, they will instead make identity and white people a priority in their agenda. The person who looks very different, wearing a different suit, says, like their forefathers, and the forefathers before them, they will, in the name of freedom, make identity and white people a priority in their agenda. 




word by Liam Lachance

colour by Hopare 

read the conclusion here

The views expressed in this piece reflect the opinion of the writer

Author: Word and Colour

words inspired by colour wordandcolour.com

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