never mention the puzzle


Athletes can’t read. Seniors complain. Kids are out of touch. Construction workers harass people. Art students are good writers. Politicians are corrupt. Engineering students are mathematicians. Writers are dorks. Criminals are bad: Immigrants, worse. Your mission: Separate the pieces of a puzzle to prevent them from uniting against you. Tell one piece that they need to protect themselves from another piece. Show them how cardboard wilts in the rain. Show a forecast of rain. Offer the protection of an umbrella. Say, “other pieces are controlling the rain- they want to steal your puzzle-children.” Tell the piece that the umbrella is free because you are normal. Tell the piece that they are unique. Tell them that others are not. Say that the differences between pieces are insurmountable. Cite a study. Confuse the pieces. Assume that the pieces are idiots. Show a clip of war based on the insurmountable differences between puzzle pieces. Show a clip of the evil puzzle piece doing a rain dance. Tell the piece not to worry. Show a clip of you arresting them. Show an image of your umbrella factory. Show a chart. Warn them. Tell them. Conservatives are heartless. Separatists are idiots. Anglophones are boring. Francophones are racist. 

word by Liam Lachance

colour by AGILMORE

Author: Word and Colour

words inspired by colour

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