Contrary to popular belief, the selfie is not evil: Do not fear the selfie. The selfie is more of an indicator of something than being something itself, so it can’t be anything.

Great writing, what the hell does that mean?

If the table is wet, it means that someone just spilled their beer – it doesn’t mean that the table invented beer.

This is brutal

If the street is wet, it just rained – the street didn’t invent water- wetness is just an indicator of the weather.

You’re so dramatic. Netflix time.

Okay okay hold on: The selfie is an indicator of something: You cough when you are sick, not just for the sake of coughing on people, like some dickhead.

I think there’s a game on

Hold on hold on we know the Habs are gonna win anyway, and then lose to the Bruins: Selfies are an indicator of society judging women on how good they look, and how many children they have, so it makes sense that women are, well, evaluating how they look, and applying filters, because, uh, companies have been literally built by relying on making women feel insecure, and need to adapt their looks in order to be considered normal, and successful – especially if you need makeup to look ‘natural’

This is by far the most boring fucking story I’ve read in my entire life

Hold on- you haven’t lived that long- wait until you read Rilke- the point is that selfies demonstrate how powerful this whole not really treating women as anything more than amazing props in commercials thing has really affected how women see themselves as useless, unlike the less than good looking guys who walk around like they own the sidewalk- get it?

I can’t believe you just made that joke- see themselves, come on

Selfie joke within writing on selfies- how meta is that? It’s like taking a selfie of a selfie

We aren’t friends any more.


word by Liam Lachance

colour by Loris Alessandria

Author: Word and Colour

words inspired by colour wordandcolour.com

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