million dollar car


You have to believe that the cars wouldn’t be stopped without the stall of yours: You have to believe that you are affecting the world around you.

I am the funniest person I know

I am the smartest person I know

My stories are awesome

You have to believe that people talking in restaurants, without you, are bored: You have to believe that what you chose to do in your life was the right choice, that what you are doing today, is meaningful, that you are significant.

I am the toughest person I know

I am the best parent I know

I am the manliest man I know, man

You have to believe all of these things because life doesn’t feel as good if you accept the reality that, uh, it’s impossible that you are the funniest, sexiest, smartest, strongest, wittiest, best parent or most resilient human in the history of the world: The truth is not designed to make you feel good, and the lack of a nice wrapping like with the whole capitalism-you-are-the-most-imporant thing, isn’t exciting: People, in other cars, are laughing, or succeeding, without you- or, in spite of you.

She is the smartest person because she met me

They are the best athlete because of my inspiration

He is the coolest because he is related to me 

This is not to blame you for thinking that your frustrations on the road deserve special attention, or for talking about your life as this unique drama (as if nobody else has had sex, or drank while travelling): A few thousand ads and a couple hundred movies have trained you to believe that your problems are unique- buy our cream, get a man- because the insecure consumer spends the most- buy our car, get a blonde, you’re a hero.

Mercedes-Benz: The Best or Nothing

Instead of this improve yourself or die shame, you should probably feel a bit pissed off that pretty intricate marketing campaigns have relied on the assumption that you are an idiot, taking advantage of your need to feel involved in the world- to feel that people and events did not pass you by when you were alive.

When I was there, I was part of things- and other people knew it.

It’s easy to sit in a car and talk shit about the Benz in front, or the idiots blasting some song in the car, ugh, beside you. Just your luck. Sometimes, it’s nice to sit and smoke, able to witness other people, before the moment leaves.

word by Liam Lachance

colour by Mitch Frey

Author: Word and Colour

words inspired by colour

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