you have 4,000 saturdays


10:30:23 – 10:56:11 EST: We were bumping Grand Designs en route to the bar – bass lines tempered by the sound of gravel – the wind from the open window made thousands of her long and brown hair strands flip in the sun. Her feet on the airbag, our wolf in the back, she asked for a last kiss, as though there was a finite amount.  

Where are you, now: closer to the start of your kisses, orgasms and high fives, or nearing the end?

11:01:12: We stop for grilled cheeses.

11:04:33: She shares a high five with the cashier… hello, goodbye high five three thousand and twenty-five. 

11:34:43: G. Grand, rapping about his brother on stage, approaches us, extends his arm, gives a props, a props, another props gone, a good one, but still, another props gone… how many props? How many snaps? How many texts?

03:56:21: Numbers chased us in the street; numbers soon to chase us in class.

00:00:00 How do you organize withdrawals for kisses 6,002 – 9,020 on an account that closes?

00:00:05 On orgasms: is there a quantity – in litres – depending on the strength of each? Are they more valuable closer to the start, or in the end, or in the in-between?

word by Liam Lachance

colour by Oriol Vidal

Author: Word and Colour

words inspired by colour

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