guess who


Dates are a game of Guess Who if you filter people on what they say they believe: When you look for yourself, you find yourself. 

Are you Conservative?


The sound of plastic signals another person down, out of the way.

Do you believe in angels?

There is an impulse to dislike people who disagree with you: It stems from survival- let me be close to people I think are like me, I will be safe, with people the same as me. Comfortable. The best profession to have, for this reaction, is God: As God, you can make truly awful shit happen to people who disagree with you. If they protest, your followers will say they deserved it, did you hear what they did back in ’96, while the nonbelievers will ascribe it to coincidence, still ending in your favour. 

You aren’t God. 

Since you don’t have real followers (probably), you ask questions to siphon people, excommunicating them from your Contacts, like a preacher, banning them from your group meetings, based on how they contrasted with your idea of How To Be Like Me.

Do you agree, concerning selfies, that people who are trained to care about their looks, will? And what is your stance on the Middle East?

Snaps, around you, boil through evil in your quest for the angels.

read the start of the date 

word by Liam Lachance

colour by Martin Whatson

Author: Word and Colour

words inspired by colour

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