sharks in toronto

25 july

1. Swimming helps to forget. 2. First Aid Instructor, she’s a survivor. 3. Fear of freshwater sharks rises if she smokes before teaching. 4. You get attacked once, and that’s it. 5. She was the Distinguished Speaker of the anti-finning rally, notoriety still lingering from her as sole survivor of the sunken boat. 6. She had swam and swam after the lights of the boat fizzled black. 7. “Sharks don’t attack, humans do,” she said. 9. “Why do all these other countries act so barbaric with them, uncivilized? If I could survive such a tragic accident, the least these people could do is to stop killing sharks.” 11. In North America, it’s easier to blame death on accident because we often forget to pick up mile-long nets. 12. “I am a survivor of the ship wreck: My perseverance, like all the passion I see in the crowd today, can conquer anything.” 13. The crowd, half in the water, was half listening, and half looking at what was happening in the water. 14. “We must rely on our physical strength, because foreign-finners do not understand English, in order to convince them to become like our fishermen. Words, of course, can only bring us so far.” 15. The first question from an elderly man in the back. 16. “What was the official count of survivors?”

word by Liam Lachance

colour by Jeannie Phan

Author: Word and Colour

words inspired by colour

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