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trigger warning: violence

You sit and you drink and you think about the person. You wonder if you could have done something more and if it was worth all the time getting to know someone who you would stop seeing. You consider how much an online status says about someone.

All these bitchy and overly-sensitive comments now from people who are so politically correct: How this or that commercial is sexist, blaming the victim thing instead of people who inflict violence, it isn’t the dead person’s fault they were murdered, etc: THEY JUST HATE MEN

You wonder about that – people associating with things – trying to align themselves with ideas -and how it is often subconscious, and how do you blame people for their subconscious?

People have a responsibility to not be attacked 

You can only stay angry at someone for so long when you recognize that their ideas are not original, repeating things they have been trained to say, like overwhelmed parrots, new information conflicting with their foundation of information, challenging their ideas, bring them to puff their feathers.

I don’t get angry about these things because they aren’t attacking me 

You know that they will suffer from their words, too, judged for them as though the old ideas are theirs, a disease to stay associated with them, these parrots who believe they understand who benefits from their support of the argument, and whose attacks are further legitimated by these little jabs – pocket knife scrapes instead of machetes still kill, it just takes longer.

We should all be LESS SERIOUS like back in the day, when our grandfathers came home for some good food and drinks and without all this DYKE TALK: Men don’t have life EASY- trouble finding  meaning in forced marriages, coped with through substance abuse violence and suicide- but we like the system in place BECAUSE IT’S BEEN THERE FOR A WHILE! #logic

Still. Understanding the root of a position does not exhonerate the speaker. Think about tweets that have destroyed careers. You could only be so polished, for so long, until your subconcious inspirations brought you to say what you thought you believed as true. Why else share it? Why else yell it, believing it to make sense.

The biggest issue with the internet is that it’s given these people a voice where the news would never have had any of that, unless it was about how their murder was tragic, look at these flowers on a sidewalk.

word by Liam Lachance

colour by Carlo Stanga

Author: Word and Colour

words inspired by colour wordandcolour.com

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