the accident on tinder

unnamed (1)

You should have texted me you were going to be late- I’ve been waiting for over an hour, he said. 

Where’s the intrigue in that, she said, when you know the second minute hour that we will meet?

Lateness, to him, was a slap in the face: Irresponsible behaviour should stop when you’re ten, he had once said, the age representing a symbolic split between childhood and adulthood because he had started to do what he liked to deem, “paid labour,” paid to clean leaves from his grandmother’s eavestrough.

Well, he said, it’s nice to see you. Did you hear the news?

The accident? 

She knew he didn’t like lateness, had heard his drunken speeches on respect, punctuality, and rationality, as though any of those words had apolitical backgrounds: It was like talking about your constitutional rights, she thought, without talking about why they were written, the whole holy shit, these slaves are kind of outnumbering us thing, uh let’s tell all our white settlers that they deserve everything, and owe nothing: false entitlement makes people work harder, doesn’t it? When something brings light on this trick, The People pay, their egos pay, the way they thought they were independent and vital to the universe pays, never the oligarchy, who designed the marketing plan in the first place: Lateness was tied to respect which related to if someone liked you enough they would not show up late – how do I become more likeable?

Do you know everything?

Well, that’s quite a large question – do you?

You know what I mean. About the phone. 

The sexting. 

If a man does not have any respect- said a character in the movie that would be the basis for his core beliefs, seen at the age of ten- then he does not deserve to own a home and live in this damned community, by golly! When she showed up late, he felt that she had made a deliberate decision to suggest she did not like him as she used to, that they weren’t the they they used to be. 

I’m going to visit him tomorrow- at 3:25 – if you want to join me. 

You have to find some of it funny.

This tone you’re taking I have to say is a bit disrespectful. 

After going through something remotely traumatic at sixteen, Jake poured out the concrete of his Values, anyone disagreeing becoming an idiot, designing the truths of the world for six billion people on things that he had witnessed and misunderstood in sixteen middle class years in a neighbourhood, aligning his independent physical survival with an ability to create independent ideas, a true cowboy of language. 

He walked into a pole while on Tinder, I mean come on, let’s just look at the sky already. 

word by Liam Lachance

colour by François Malingrëy

Author: Word and Colour

words inspired by colour

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