Striving for Excellence

The Dream

He couldn’t handle walking around with all her scratches and dents. She was far from perfect. Everybody has the potential to be perfect, he thought. He was well read. She hadn’t been around in a few weeks. He had ended it after realizing he knew everything about who she was. He coped with his resulting loneliness by saying everybody goes through this, we spent too long together: we were addicted to each other. By framing their relationship as an addiction, he removed their human value. It was science. Science was objective.

He had yet to throw out her easel. He justified that by an intent to draw her out, and place her as a thing, on paper, in order to forget how her heart beat. He tried to forget how her hands looked when dipped in paint. She hadn’t called in a while.

A note read:–gym

-discover what makes some people go for the break when they approach a cliff and others to press on the gas

He wasn’t oblivious: He was single. He was interested in obtaining objective perfection. He had started an encyclopedia. 



Perfect writing is part Dostoevsky (the big idea), Faulkner (form), and Kerouac (style).

If writing does not question any meaningful philosophical concepts, it is imperfect.

If it does not build on a tradition of form, it is imperfect.

If it does not have style, it is imperfect.

General Guidelines

A– Swearing will help you seem more relatable to your reader

            I saw the girl and, shit, I went for it

 B- Adverbs will help to drive your point home. The safest rule is to assume your reader is an idiot, and needs to be guided. Adverbs also add emotion and meaning to scenes that seemed previously ambiguous

            Before: “I’m Sean,” he said, and shook her hand.

            After: “I’m Sean,” he said daringly, and shook her hand romantically.

 C- Perfect writing- like good art- is made for and produced by enlightened citizens. Showing proof of your objective education will convince the reader of the legitimacy of your authorial position.

            Before: However, Conversely, Therefore

            After: Discourse, Trope, Norm

He was really getting somewhere. He knew that the world was small, and that it was good to have rules. Rules kept things in order, in rows. When he drank with his friends, they knew who he was. *

colour by Minjae Lee

words by Liam Lachance

Author: Word and Colour

words inspired by colour

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