the Halloween costume


They stopped at a colourful wall that Jack wanted to discuss, in costume. 

The bleachisization of jazz is central to my thesis, he said, as related to contemporary graffiti.

That sounds idiotic, she said.

Blunt honesty forged friendships or severed them before they budded. 

Why did you even agree to meet up with me, if all you want to do is attack me?

Attacking someone means to drag someone through the gravel: I’m telling you how you sound – imagine you said that to your thesis panel. 

Being told of your imperfection is easier to swallow than realizing it yourself, because this other person, the physical embodiment of that flaw-awareness, is more easily questioned than yourself.


You say things I’ve heard before. Otherwise you seem generally interesting. 

Generally interesting. It’s like saying, you speak so well. 

Folami couldn’t take him seriously with his Facebook costume. Critiquing Facebook for its social implications- as his fake name of, PLS LIKEME, inferred – avoided real concerns about the website, such the algorithm that had prevented #Ferguson from trending. 

It’s nice how the colour shapes the movement of the letters.

The arrows are interesting, how they seem to tell the viewer how to look, and the conflict when you refuse, and where you look. 

The design of her skeleton costume had intimidated him, associating a fascination with detail with the potential for high expectations of every little thing, something that he had loathed in a past relationship, when attention was placed more on how he had shaken her friends’ hands, and picked up his fork, than the substance of his person.

Do you ever think that you take yourself too seriously?

In that I don’t think life is a joke?

You often stare out of windows on public transport.

Should I be staring at the people?

The people are what’s interesting. 

Fine for you to say – there isn’t any stigma if a woman is caught staring. For a guy the reaction is as though we were caught in love, when sometimes we’re just looking around a space, bored. 

Sounds like you got your feelings hurt. 

Once, I needed a pen. I asked a woman beside me, in class. She says, nice try. 

Well, were you trying to pick her up?

I needed a pencil. 

Have you heard that Facebook can record audio, from your phone, on the messenger app, now?


It’s true.

Do you think they’re listening?

Maybe we should take a pause from talking, she said, his cardboard bending against the wall.

word by Liam Lachance

colour by KOSO

read the first scene here

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Author: Word and Colour

words inspired by colour

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