A rabbit opened the door.

     Darkness offered us protection, a grim reaper told a skeleton, and so we roam under that blanket.

     You take Halloween really seriously and, said the skeleton, who, upon noticing the Witch, stopped.

The Witch and the Facebook Profile smiled as they slunk through a dead football player and Childish Gambino. The Witch smiled at the Grim Reaper and walked toward the assumed kitchen, where a white person in a head-dress was making whooping sounds.

     Darkness, said the Grim Reaper, protects us.

The Facebook Profile was saying thanks to a compliment from P. Diddy on its costume, because Diddy hadn’t yet seen that costume, although it was circulating in various parties.

     People are just not connected anymore, because of social media, said the Facebook Profile.

     That presumes that we were connected before, interrupted Katy Perry.

     Real conversation is real interaction, said Facebook.

     Saying things to try to sound a certain way, learned from movies, or people you admire, is not real, said Katy.

The skeleton entered the kitchen.

     Everything you say is an authentic expression of your identity, said Facebook.

     If it’s true that people are more honest when drunk, how does that apply? said Katy.

The skeleton was looking at the Witch from across the kitchen.

The Witch wrote something in sharpie on the inside of the pizza box.

     Everything we say is original, but extra-original when drunk, said Facebook.

The Witch, excusing themselves to the washroom, finished the end of an orange drink that had stained her teeth creamsicle.

     This same argument was used when TV came out, or radio, said Katy.

     That makes sense, said Facebook.

     I know – that’s why I used the comparison.

The skeleton approached their side of the kitchen, making to fill up their glass of water.

     We used to have pure relationships, and then technology came along, said Facebook.

     Yes, we were all much more ‘pure’ when attacking each other in the forest, said Katy, all this socializing has ‘tainted’ who we are.


The skeleton opened the pizza box, which was headed by a piece of graffiti.

     Language is never objective, it’s borrowed from other people, you’ve never invented a single word in your life that anyone else uses, you’re missing the point, said Katy.

The Witch returned, walking through the kitchen, and out front for a smoke.

At no point has following around someone at a party ever lead to anything more than embarrassment for the person following.

The skeleton closed the pizza box.

After a failed closure to the argument, Facebook excused themselves to find a witch.

A skeleton and a zombie were yelling with the witch.

     You don’t have to be such a BITCH about it! said the zombie

     Hes guilty because he was called out for following me around, said the witch. He’s guilty because he makes women feel uncomfortable.

      The skeleton said, You wish, CUNT! And this uncomfortable thing never happens to anyone, because it has never happened to me.

word by Liam Lachance

colour by KOSO

read the last scene

Author: Word and Colour

words inspired by colour

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