the speed bumps of third dates


It was the year when people were attacked for their religion like never before, and the Prime Minister did nothing.

     Martin Luther King was assassinated by the Mississippi State Police, how do they never teach that in school? 

     Obvious reasons.

And white people have seventy percent of the drugs, and are imprisoned for twenty-five percent, whereas black people have twenty percent of the drugs, and go to jail for seventy percent of drug-related sentences.

     You think that because I don’t look like your other friends all I want to hear about is issues on race. 

     I just read this – 

     You don’t need to demonstrate how good of a white person you are in talking about what you think must interest me because of how I look. 

     Everybody should be interested –

     Have you ever considered that I’m passed the point of interested? Do you think I ever had a choice to be interested?

 Interested in the sense of concerned –

     Do you think I ever had the choice to be concerned about violence that happens to me?

     So you don’t want anybody to care –

     Caring about something is fine when it’s a choice you have – you can be the courageous white anchor, or investigator, in the movie, or you can choose to just do yoga, or walk your dog, you can choose to do whatever you want –


     I appreciate being with you, but you’ll never save me: I don’t need saving, I’m not suffering alone, and I am not a passive recipient, let alone oblivious to what happened to MLK.

Now that scene is building in your mind: the Angry Black Woman. When attacked, you react. The issue aside from not being attacked, and watching people’s reactions, is that this stereotype is revived when you see people get angry after being attacked, so frequent that a stereotype is accrued from their need to react: this particular stereotype, of the Angry and Resilient Black Woman, as seen in stand up comedy- vernacular and gesturing included- is debased in how it works against our watching eyes: the angry black woman was attacked, but, because black women are so resilient, it’s fair to attack them more frequently – they can handle it.

    Look at those white girls up there, she said, what do you think would happen if I did that?

    If you climbed on a roof?

    If right this instant I climbed on this roof and hung on the edge with a phone

    I don’t know, people would look?

    The police would be called. I’d be arrested for some old law about sitting on roofs.

    Ah, roof laws. And what am I supposed to do then – just not care about anything?

    You can care about whatever you want, but just remember that you are able to care about whatever you want.

word by Liam Lachance

colour by Loris Lora 

read the second date

Author: Word and Colour

words inspired by colour

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