We’re all Canadian


Colours evoke emotions whether you agree with this sentence or not. There’s an idea that colours on the walls of a bar need to be black or blue to attract heterosexual men, based on the colour of gender-specific toys, and clothes, since birth – the walls of the club were purple. Pink lighting cemented a push for heterosexual women, hoping that, as with album sales, heterosexual men would follow. And, doing figurative handstands, the men showed up, hunting for validation. As she went to drink, Jack and his friend held the typical discussion when meeting a new lover: so, what do you think of her?

She seems really fun.

She is.

You seem like you really like her.

I do.

Did you meet her at work?

At a party

So you don’t work with her at all?

That’s what I’m saying.

Man, the whole time I thought you worked together.

Returning to the table with Jack’s beer, Jay’s scotch, and Folima’s cosmo, she asked if they wanted to dance, as the music rose and a red light started to flash.

Yeah, shouted Jay, let’s do it!

Let’s finish these drinks first, said Jack.

Fine, said Folami.

I can’t believe it, said Jay, I thought you worked together.


I told her we met at the party – remember, the kitchen party?

It was three weeks ago – I’ll search for the memory.

Very funny – she’s funny, isn’t she? said Jay, showing signs of intoxication.

When she wants to be.

I can hear you.

The colour of her skirt matters.

I said I was sure you worked together – at the N, G, O!

We met in a kitchen. I liked his face, so I laughed at his jokes.

She’s funny, isn’t she?

Time to dance, said Jack.

Already, I thought you wanted to drink.

The colour of her purse matters to the characters sitting with her whether you think or they thought so.

The reason why I thought you worked together is because obviously you’re black, said Jay, I’m sorry if that came off racist.

Don’t worry, you’re right: I am black.

Jack, a light drinker, downed the rest of his beer, some of it spilling on his chin with the lack of air given to the bottle, fizzing over a blue label.

You’re a classy date, said Folami.

I just really want to dance, said Jack.

The spotlights all flushed red, and purple.

I agree entirely, said Jay, like, we’re all Canadian, all this African-Canadian, Arab-Canadian stuff, I mean, why can’t we all just be Canadian!

You mean why can’t we all just be white.

word by Liam Lachance

colour by Loris Lora 

This writing references a Jennifer Camper illustration via Midnight Breakfast

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Author: Word and Colour

words inspired by colour wordandcolour.com

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