kim kardashian is an idiot

nychos 2

Trigger warning: Gender violence, sexual violence, suicide, misogyny 

Kim Kardashian is a fucking idiot

Throw darts to avoid mirrors

What a fucking skank

Darts require targets

How she can make so much money over just being a prostitute

What an accident that women are targets 

I’ve seen eight year olds that have more sense than that bitch

What an accident it is that a woman plays the role of dissect me to avoid mirrors

Kim wearing practically nothing makes all of us look like sluts

What a games room it is to have targets promoting the necessity to attack targets

Everything about her is so fake

How To Gut A Revolt: have targets waste time by attacking other targets

She’s a fucking pig, really, a mule

What a games room to have human beings turned into the bottom of a sentence, a turn of phrase to be built over, unnamed

A horse, I’d ride her, you know, so long as I didn’t have to listen to her after

When a party requires half of the guests to be turned into firewood, it is not a party

Reminds me of this slut at the rippers, just so fucking dumb, but so hot at the same time

What a complex games room for players to destroy targets and express yearning for them in the same sentence

Yeah I totally get what you mean

Being comfortable with yourself by attacking is a foundation which does not age well

It’s isn’t sexist to call a cunt a cunt

It crumbles to show uncomfortable reflections, a self left to rot, mid-life crisis, substance abuse, suicide

Women are equal, just look at how much money she probably made from this cover

Humans, turned to animals, dehumanized things caught in the cage of our front page, are turned to firewood 

I know, like my mother has a PhD, so they’re more than equal

Privilege provides space, to be gazed at from far away: because nobody is throwing darts at you, nobody is throwing darts at anybody 

I know – look at all the women anchors on the news now

Nobody benefits from a games room where your identity is based on your ability to attack a woman: mirrors are sometimes necessary, to know who you are, and the value of what you are doing, before it’s too late

word by Liam Lachance

colour by NYCHOS

This article addresses sexism- many other factors, such as white privilege, and exoticizing people of colour, play a major role   

Author: Word and Colour

words inspired by colour

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