racism doesn’t exist


If an unarmed kid walks to you with their hands up, you probably shouldn’t murder them. 

Well, that’s because he looked evil.

The design of the game relies on the fact that players act as predicted (against each other) like programmed robots.

If the kid was white, the cop might not think he looked evil.

See, that’s racist.

The gamble that owners made in keeping players ignorant was all-in on fear: tell a player they deserve things, and that other players are threatening to steal them, such as property (wife) or privilege (employment), and you, as the owner, doing actual shit to them, get ignored. 

Talking about race isn’t racist – just because you think you don’t have a race.

What the fuck are you talking about – I’m one quarter Scot, one eighth Irish, four-sixths German.

Entitlement and fear transformed certain players into demons, more worthy of harsher treatments.

That doesn’t even add up. 

You think because I’m white I’m racist. The reality is that race doesn’t matter for anybody anymore, because it doesn’t matter for me.

Scared players work harder than comfortable ones.

You have to admit that it’s easier to dunk on a four foot net, than one up at nine feet. 

I’d say you just have to try harder, because Nike.  

When players disagreed, and insecure players fought, the owners were taken out of focus, and the whole programming ideas through media and education thing, and that whole gamble on the assumed stupidity of the privileged thing, was missed.

They do – and it’s a bit more than just height, when you haven’t eaten before playing, and get things thrown at you as you practice.

This is bullshit, because it doesn’t happen to me.

Players with less obstructions worked their lives to get to the top of a game, as seen on TV, and fell into mid-life crisis, substance abuse, suicide, once realizing the game was not actually designed for them, after all.

People who are attacked are going to complain about being attacked. People who are attacked less are going to complain about it less.

Race is just an illusion because government policy changed – we’re all the same because I know a Black person with a PhD.  

How much does the body of a dead black child weigh when the foundation of the stadium was poured with bones, and when the new support beams – relying on the bet that players, in the ring, will destroy each other- wobble?

word by Liam Lachance

colour by Pixel Pancho

This writing was inspired by the work of Patricia Hill-Collins on colorblind racism and in response to racially charged violence, including the recent murder of an unarmed child in Ferguson, Missouri. 

Author: Word and Colour

words inspired by colour wordandcolour.com

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