there’s a saying in Alberta


    There’s a saying in Alberta that you always fold if you’re playing a ghost.
     When did you go to Alberta?
     So the kid has developed a sense of humour.

Darkness is always used in a story to frighten people, connected to race, and they never see the face. Roasting butter wafted from the building to the window.

     Why did you talk about Alberta?
     You’re old enough now to know that life is like a flower, and lasts a certain amount of time.

She paused at the light, and took a breath.

The next morning they passed the same building.

     What happened to the store?
     Which store is that, dear.
     With bread.
     Let’s visit one after lunch, what do you think?

Nobody was leaning against the boarded up windows.

She stopped the car at the green light.

     Excuse me?
     Did someone talk to you about there, she asked.
     I asked, dear, if someone has talked to you about that building. For example, has your father ever talked to you about that building?

The child looked back to the boards.

     I asked a question.

The light turned red.

     It isn’t nice to lie to people, dear.
     Dad has not ever said anything ever.

Someone passed in front of the car, on the crosswalk, away from the building.

     Whether or not a flower lives a natural life, it has nothing to lose: it’s only the living who pay bills.
     My allowance is five dollars.
     Always support your father, and you will have good luck.

word by Liam Lachance, whose novel, Blu Swag, is his first.
colour by Brett Amory

Author: Word and Colour

words inspired by colour

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