Know Your Rights


He wrote, “we act as required when believing the tentacles of the All Knowing Eye state watch us.” The “All Knowing Eye” was his own label, and balanced out that hint of creativity by citing portions of the American Patriot Act, Canada’s revamped Anti-Terrorism Act, and Orwell’s 1984.

“Basically, the Government should return to the (lizard) people: we must shatter the All Knowing Eye.”

One of those dramatic conclusions that shows a loss of interest. In any case. It was done.

Bacon and coffee brought resolution to his uneasiness over the paper. The CCTV camera in the corner of the café caught his eye. His phone buzzed and he checked a notification that someone else was doing something. He checked his security settings. A monitor in the wall of the café streamed a live-cut of Obama’s State Of The Union.

He Googled, “privacy.”

The first article concerned weapons and an idea that the state constitution was somehow a benchmark of intelligence from which to evaluate all following phenomena – those meetings between nervous invaders over how to keep stolen land (our buddies have the inalienable right to own weapons when they’re sitting on the ranch we just gave them, go militia go) ends in unanimous written agreement between the invaders about their right to destroy. “It’s our constitutional right” is the root of the whole problem- besides the whole fact the rights were reserved for white, male, land-owners.

The second article was a fairly decent piece of writing about the private interests in owning and selling personal information to advertisers. This much was clear from Facebook and the ads directed to him that miraculously matched something he had just searched. The article started every paragraph in bold, assuming the audience idiots, and ended in some focus on partisan politics that missed the point.

He finished his coffee and noticed another camera over the sugar and stir-sticks.

The third article had him a bit startled.

“Canadian Tentacles in the Post-9/11 Era: A Cause For Concern For Our Naturalized Reptilians”

He clicked the link.

The document came up as a PDF.

Entire portions were blacked out – how the first Anti-Terrorism Act was the Patriot Act’s little brother, a characterization which had brought him pride – including the entire concluding paragraph.

Returning to the title page, he found his name altered: Inmate #11276-834922286

word by Liam Lachance

colour by Mark McClure

Author: Word and Colour

words inspired by colour

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