how to control Instagram


Instagram pictures of getting ready for the bar. Instagram picture of the metro. Instagram pictures of people smiling at the bar or looking serious. An Instagram picture of the DJ (looking away). Instagram pictures of eating. Screenshotted pictures of a mutual friend at bar sent to other friend as conversation starter. Instagram comments on picture taken last night, “ur beautiful ;)” responded with “@gymbarsbottles I know! So are you :)!” Re-post of Instagram photo of a mirror. “@ladystarzz don’t b so conceited ur not even hot haha.” Instagram photo of receipt where client spent according to the salary of their mother. Instagram picture of a dog. “@ladystarzz no response? ur lucky i even KONTACTED u in 1st place lol” is not answered. Instagram account owned by a kitten.

word by Liam Lachance

colour by Ilya Shkipin

From the author: “Men feel uncomfortable when they are not in control of labeling beauty: their resulting viciousness stems from the fear that they are unable to dominate others – as though a valuable quality they are lacking.”


Author: Word and Colour

words inspired by colour

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