On Development: Business Solutions


The idea was that if you spoke well enough, you would do great things.

     It comes down to innovation.

     What about the Extinction Inquiry – it seems they’re saying the profit model is incompatible with life.

     I’m essentially talking about thinking outside the box – and bringing in people to the diamond.

     So if the foundation of a house is rotting – like they say in the Report – we should redesign the kitchen?

     Interactive- proactive- screens that predict your behaviour-

     Can you hear me?

Two of the three listeners were used to this way of talking. The third was new. Outside the window a pigeon cut through the fog like a dart.

     Profitability, virability, likeability not only compliment each other: they invent one another.

     What about the Inquiry?

     Between developing nations and our NGOs, anything is possible.

     The results prove that problems were caused by our companies that share the same buildings as these NGOs. Why not hold them accountable, to stop the problems?

     A creative reimagining of the geopolitical landscape with an eye for innovative management will ensure that hope and development lies in their future.

The pigeon landed on the sidewalk, avoiding the firm tire of a bicycle.

     Do you realize that you sound like a dictator?

     It’s about profiting by creating and then exploiting the problem, and by securing contracts to ensure democracy and freedom –

     Aha! You said exploited!

     I misspoke – what I intended to convey was that only with an understanding of competitive and dynamic framings of development can any truly barbaric nation rise up to our standards –

     You said exploited! “by creating and exploiting the problem!”

The pigeon, on the sidewalk, was eating fries. One of the fries that dropped to the street from the mouth of the bird was black.

word by Liam Lachance

colour by Gan Chin Lee

From the author: “We can’t afford to nervously talk over major mistakes in our system of Government- problems will still grow, people will continue to die, and the future of our species will diminish.”

Author: Word and Colour

words inspired by colour wordandcolour.com

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