On Your Exploitation: ‘The Secret’


His Self was planted in ideas that were slipping ever since The Secret had leaked – he was questioning who he was so much so that even his interpretation of colours was up for debate: did the person beside him see the same shade of red in the stop sign, or did they see orange, and always associate his hue of orange with the word ‘red,’ and what did that say about his conception of ‘orange’…

That’s just my opinion

The ground itself seemed as though it could swallow him into a paved sinkhole, at any step – he questioned if people laughing around him had done so with him or at the idea of being associated to him, before The Secret leaked-

I’m just playing devil’s advocate

Ego under danger of smashing like porcelain falling to a tile floor, the concept of having to glue back all the pieces brings anxiety… he had rooted his Self so fully in The Idea that the muscles of his body felt under pressure with news of The Secret…

It’s what my parents taught me 

Muscles stretched so that the seams of his elbows started to show: his ‘objective truths’ showed a transparency he had never believed possible, with The Secret from the Founder of his ideas having been broadcast so publicly…

My friends would disagree with you

He was in pieces because he and people he loved believed so absolutely in the borderlessness of the idea, so absolutely hypnotized that questions to the pieces of The Idea had always been dismissed- who would question that an apple was an apple?

The reality of its construction by human beings with all their biases and purposes had seemed so impossible.

Today, he questioned his old fetish for absolute answers that simplified the world.

I wasn’t trying to offend you 

The Secret had pricked pins in the ‘natural’ ideas of the founder – what would it do to him? Would his Ego split by bats yield candy – or had his unique value so long crusted into a pinata without filling, that the only things inside were old truisms sold to him to defend the ideas, returning to him like haunted fortune cookies.

word by Liam Lachance

From the author: “People who hope for something more are exploited by groups that promise everything and simplify the world in exchange for a support of their group, their leader, their idea.

This is exploitation because instead of addressing why the yearning for something more exists – to address the sickness that has caused that lack – absolute answers are provided with the aim to alleviate all questions.

These ideas aspire to be considered apolitically, as though not created by human beings whose actions are all biased and political, as though dug from the earth.”

colour by Shaka

Author: Word and Colour

words inspired by colour wordandcolour.com

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