I am her labia, I am the TV, I am the trumpet.

unnamed (2)

word by Liam Lachance

colour by Hey Studio

I am everyone and I will never die.

My body is billions of years old and made of old stars, lion-tails, watermelons.

I am her labia, I am the TV, I am the trumpet.


I am not responsible for anything and I am an individual – bikes won’t remember me – guitars won’t remember me – women will continue to dance, and people will drink outside, as though nothing happened.


I did not build this keyboard, I did not paint this STOP sign, I did not invent a word of this language – I am the walking reflection of thousands of strangers who I rely upon every day for me to be breathe all of these Is.


I am myself and I am in control of who I am – only I am responsible for my successes. I am afraid of my death because people like me for the individual I am. I cook my own fucking food. I make my own money. 


I fear the death of we by all these Is who use bodies as ladders.


Although I haven’t really found meaning, it felt good that  I worked so much, and that people noticed me for having worked so much, and all of the things that shone.

All my work separates me from the rest.

I don’t see race.


An idea that uses bodies for firewood is a broken idea.

I believe in ideas that don’t require bodies as firewood.

I am the most responsible to dismantle broken ideas because scales require weight to produce leverage.


I am not responsible for anything because I am an individual.

My tombstone has arrived: you won’t believe the quote.

I was here.


The question is not if the boat will sink as holes begin to take on water, the question is who will go down with it. Who will demand accountability for those who said the ship was impenetrable.

Beneath the ice, I might dissolve into a moustache, pom-pom, fish, and yet all of our others will continue swimming for ideas that make sense, breathing from a cool lung. 


From the author:

“The boldness of Hey’s art caught me. The mixing of the objects and people brought me to reflect on the failed project of an objective experience as a individual living within a capitalist society, where meaning in exploited labour has come at the cost of millions and is never completed independently.

The seams of these ideas are bursting.

I’m inspired by the millions across the world who are working together for the idea that it’s time to design ways of living together that don’t require violence against the majority, and who are often those who are targeted with violence.

I believe that those who benefit the most from systems of violence are the most responsible to dismantle them.”

see more colour from Hey Studio

“Hey is a graphic design studio based in Barcelona, Spain.

We specialise in brand identity, editorial design and illustration.

We love geometry, color and direct typography.

This is the essence of who we are.

We take care of every single step of the design process and we always work closely with our clients, big or small, in one-to-one relationships.

We also undertake side projects. These activities aim to play with new ideas, push our creative boundaries and develop a passion that is then injected into client’s work.

In 2014, we opened an online shop, a place to share our passion for typography, illustration and bold graphics.

Hey was founded in 2007 with the idea of transforming ideas into communicative graphics.
Here is a selected list of projects crafted for our clients.
We would love to hear from you. Say hi here.”





Author: Word and Colour

words inspired by colour wordandcolour.com

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