“Sleeves,” new prose by Charlotte Joyce Kidd

She stood on the edge of the bedroom. The walls, floors, and light were grey. She was wearing her shoes. The room was cluttered. Some of the clutter was hers, natural to her. Her uniform lay crumpled vertically in a corner by the closet; she’d stepped directly out of it and into her party dress … Continue reading “Sleeves,” new prose by Charlotte Joyce Kidd


Hoda Adra writes, draws, and makes experimental videos. In 2014, she was an artist in residence at the Banff Centre’s Spoken Word program. Hoda was born in Lebanon but grew up in Saudi Arabia – her home is Montreal. Read Adra’s prose on homelessness, and childhood       Nahomi Amberber is finishing up her B.Sc in Microbiology at McGill University. … Continue reading contributors

More Interesting Things

  The bottoms of the little creature’s feet were rough, as if they were covered in the tips of hazelnut shells. This was a thing it didn’t much like about itself. If it could have gotten some kind of procedure to fix its feet—surgery, maybe, or even something more temporary like a medical pedicure—it would … Continue reading More Interesting Things

On Persecution: “The Strangers”

Noise noise noise noise noise. A million million voices try to talk one on top of the other. It sounds like music. It sounds like the worst jazz you have ever heard. The effect of all the voices is to make you feel screamed at, but no one is screaming. They are speaking with only … Continue reading On Persecution: “The Strangers”