Eric sees the WWF- World Wildlife Federation, no, not the one with Mr. Savage, where bright blue uniforms are draped over well-meaning but accidentally offensive kids- mostly undergrads trying to pay for school, convinced they are doing meaningful work, convincing the ignorant to Do Good, like secular missionaries: Unfortunate […]

six minutes to live

HE REALIZED THAT HE WAS PROBABLY ABOUT TO DIE- IT WAS A SHAME, REALLY, seeing that he had only started to realize things, such as an epiphany about the truth of contemporary rodent relations, arguing that North American mice were made to believe they were these all powerful and […]

the quilt

THE POINT WAS THAT THERE WAS NO POINT: THAT WAS THE POINT. BEERS were drunk and cups were stacked or they weren’t, and that difference made no difference. Someone stacked empty cups into a wall, and someone dove through the wall; someone was having trouble emptying their cup […]

under her skirt

TITLES ARE HARD TO CHOOSE BECAUSE THEY MAKE THE READER ALL SWEATY in uncomfortable places when they find words that match the title. Under her skirt. Titles inject meaning in the arms of otherwise boring ass Times New Roman, and, when you reach the part of the story […]