Meet our new editor!

Meet our new editor, Leah Mol! “I’m so excited to be taking over for Liam as an editor at Word and Colour. He’s done great things in the position, and I’ll take that as inspiration to work hard and keep publishing art that speaks to social issues and […]

on park access in Calgary: “Green-Space”

  1.5 million pounds of soil raised to the 4th floor of Calgary’s CORE shopping complex supports an inner- city oasis. The Devonian Gardens are open publically during mall hours. Oil executives employed nearby visit the green-space on lunchbreaks, eluding the paupers of Stephen Ave. in +15s returning […]

The Accordionist

“Later he will associate running faucets and the shadows of mid-afternoon with his grandmother’s bloodshot eyes and tension-stooped back. Blood and screams and broken bodies are banal compared to a tap left running, to an elongation of shadow on a kitchen floor.”

our summer reads

“You should read this book!” “Why?” “Because I liked it!”  “But you also like Iggy Azalea.”         I’ve decided to fill my summer editorials with mini book reviews! The goal is to save time for my community and others to navigate which books they might want to […]

Countdown to flight

  Nineteen thirty-seven was Icarus in seamed stockings. My grandmother spent nights praying for the blanched bones of Amelia Earhart, femur and sacrum floating somewhere in a blackened sea. Gravity could kill a gal. Now, Google tells me that my fear of flying is an inherited nervousness, a bred-in-the-bone type […]