We send writers art, who write what the colour inspires.

The new fiction and art collaborations aim to confront forms of oppression by naming them and showing their effects, or by providing positive alternatives to the stereotypes of mainstream narratives. We share the experiences of ‘real’ people, with a goal to alter the way we are socialized, and celebrate the beauty of the world that is often missing. 

You can support Word and Colour by visiting our print shop, where we aim to support our artists and writers through art and fiction prints.

Editor-in-Chief: Leah Mol (editor@wordandcolour.com)

Managing Editor: Liam Lachance (word@wordandcolour.com)

Art Curator: Lily Chang (colour@wordandcolour.com)

Outreach coordinator: Annie Rubin (outreach@wordandcolour.com)

Shop Manager: Hailey Genevieve (shop@wordandcolour.com)

Graphic Designer: Selina Vesely

IT / Web Design: Yomna Abdelkawy

Social Media: Anna Vail

Podcasts: Thames Menteth


Word and Colour is based in Montréal, a colonized space that is unceded Kanien’kéhá:ka and Algonquin nation territory.

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