On the Invisibility of Mental Illness


“When Surviving Is Too Difficult”

They say that genius and madness are two sides of the same coin.

Well, my genius is elusive—I am descending into madness.

I feel crazy. Genuinely crazy.  I feel as if an intangible, impregnable, unidentifiable force is weighing down on me, is clouding my mind.

It limits my judgement and tests my patience. I am struggling to break free from my own self-imposed shackles.

It is difficult to be strong when I feel so mentally and physically weak.

The bones in my body are frail, my sanity is fragile. The bones in my body do not form a skeleton—they form a carcass.

I am carcass.

Inside this carcass is emptiness, but the emptiness has a heaviness of its own.

I am a victim of my insecurities.
I am overwhelmed by my shortcomings.
I am burdened by my expectations.

For some of us, surviving is too difficult. I am tired of battling against my own mind.

I am tired. I am tired. I am tired.

My mind is an incredible thing, its capacity is endless; yet it continues to torment me.

these words by Fiona Williams were inspired by the colour of Alex Andreev

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