New Poetry: “Guðrún, blind daughter of Louhi,” by Ilona Martonfi


Old Norse folktales
depicted in the Saga of the Maiden
the blind daughter of Louhi

living in Pohjola, a forever cold land
at the North Pole,
below the North Star
region of darkness

her mother becoming pregnant
after eating a lingonberry,
giving birth to Guðrún

powerful and evil queen
weaving enchantments
ruling over Winter

the world formed
out of eggshell shards.
Betrothed to Sigfrøðr
god of the sky and storms

the ice of the seas
encircling all lands

Sielulintu, raven soul bird,
protecting fair Guðrún
from being lost
on the paths of dreams:

“The stars are there,” it said.

Tuonela the land of dead.


these words by Ilona Martonfi were inspired by the work of Daphne Boyer

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