“The North Star” – Shagufe Hossain

The Universe_hires

We wake up
and walk streets
in fit-in-or-leave boxes
disillusioned into belonging
but You
my dear
were born to wage wars
simply by virtue
of your existence
on all cages with bars
made of traditions, rituals, and values
are like the North Star
shining light on the path of the misguided
looking to find his way
back to values.
burn in passion
and desire
and love that conquers all
so the rest of us
can see light
head home.
So on days
when you feel lost
and losing
sight of north and south
east and west
right and wrong
you are the compass
that burns brightly
in the nightly skies
to shine light
to guide home
the rest, lost
and the North Star
knows no direction
for she does not need one.
Remember my dear
you shall be your own
so the rest of us
can find home.


these words by Shagufe Hossain were inspired by the work of Shanna Strauss

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