On Heteronormativity: “Blue”

She recoiled from me; our breath left stagnant carbon dioxide in the air. “What if—” She bowed her head, interrupting me with piercing subtlety. I felt my body succumb to the numbness of rejection, some feigned self-defense in preparation for when she’d say the word that would make me crumble at her feet. Her hollow … Continue reading On Heteronormativity: “Blue”

On Homelessness: “Walking past”

“Look. I know. But I’m telling you, we, like, run in the same circles or something.” “Which fucking circles are you running in?” “I dunno, man, just…I’m telling you, I see him everywhere.” “Give him some cash, man, he’ll leave you alone.” “I dunno. Do you think he, like, stalks me?” “Who knows, man. You … Continue reading On Homelessness: “Walking past”

On Mental Health: “Fight or Flight”

It was an invisible voice, driving him onward. “Run.” He took comfort in knowing he wasn’t completely alone, but he paused, motionless, for someone else to lead the way. “Hide,” the voice repeated, this time almost a shout. Faint rustling, as someone else approached, were muffled through his own heavy breathing as he turned to … Continue reading On Mental Health: “Fight or Flight”

On Beauty Standards: “Deep Hues and Curves”

“Deep Hues and Curves” It was her thirteenth birthday and she’d asked for red lipstick, strapped heels, and an appointment to have her eyebrows waxed. We went to the mall together to try on dresses for the celebration. She wanted pale blue to match the balloons. She picked one with a frill along the neckline … Continue reading On Beauty Standards: “Deep Hues and Curves”