The Death of Chivalry


I remember the earth. I remember when oceans were blue, and you could buy a woman dinner without having to split the bill. I remember before water ran black, when you could roam the streets at night, gazing at stars. I remember the end of the world. You’ve been told it collapsed with the nuclear reactor, those companies, that kitten, but I remember that it died with chivalry. I remember objectively, and I understood the fall completely: What was the point of living if it wasn’t to protect something? The earth had protected us with oxygen, gravity, and water for thousands of years, just as we had protected our women, keeping them safe like delicate flowers. We understood that women were strong, and deserved our respect, these tough, delicate flow- hold on that’s contradictory let me try again: In a time of text messages and technology, we had strayed so far from what was natural: The wind and water the earth had given us; lessons our ancestors had shared with us, those morals that told us what was true, untainted, passed down by our fathers to us from a time when things made sense: A man did what a man did, came home to dinner, kept real problems to himself and the bartender, or shot himself in the face: Things were working: Women acted like women, and everything worked perfectly, in the past: “Dating” a woman meant what it really should: To protect and provide for them, these strong, delicate flowers, being delicate but really strong and intellige- Sorry okay confusing I know last try: Things made sense. People today: walking into newspaper stands because of texting, finding ‘love’ in the club: They’ve lost touch with purity, as our oceans did. I’m not sure how much to blame each person- the system is a big thing that trains everyone to act, sure- but we were the only generation who acted free of the system, with independent ideas. Everything was better when lines didn’t overlap, and you didn’t need to understand how it worked: Your wife looked up to you, and you didn’t ask why. You could knock some sense into a kid, because they needed discipline. You were there to protect your woman from the evils of the world, because they needed protection. Sometimes, for example, you bought her dinner. Ask me if she ever paid for dinner. The answer is no: Men were strong, rational protectors, and so we didn’t need someone to pay for us. The world was together, controlled and pure. You really got to know someone in dinner dates, where you paid, and brought the prepared version of yourself, saying things you had seen on TV or that people had told you, your father, mother, teachers, friends, things that you didn’t understand but it didn’t matter. You avoided awkward conversations on who you were, and how you felt, because the point of talking to people was to make them feel comfortable. You saved those times for when you were really intoxicated. And now- look at what we’ve done. I remember the earth. I remember a time before we tried to convince people that women were our equals- I mean how do you protect someone who is your equal- how do you show power, and buy them dinner? I remember a time before the death of chivalry, when we lived on planet motherfucking earth.* 

words by Liam Lachance

This is satirical. 

colour by Diego Panuela

Published by

Word and Colour

words inspired by colour

7 thoughts on “The Death of Chivalry”

    1. Thanks for your comment

      You might not have understood the point- that the idea of having to take care of someone because of their gender means that women are weak, and that women can be strong, weak, or anything, like you, or me- but I appreciate that you are passionate about your ideas. If we flipped chivalry over, and if girlfriends always paid for dinner, my guess is that men would say “Oh no I can afford that, I am able to make money,” feeling emasculated, vulnerable- “I’m a man, I can take care of myself” – but I could definitely be wrong. Having this dialogue in the first place is a key way to change outdated ideas, like racism, or patriarchy, and I appreciate your participation. Although we seem to disagree about women- where I think the only difference between men and women are things that you were told to be different- your idea to treat other people nicely is a positive idea, which I definitely support. Looking forward to reading more of your work

      1. It has nothing to do with one being weaker/stronger, better/worse. It is absolutely close-minded to think that the males and females are NOT different in many categories, (including physical, mental, emotional) – you speak to any doctor, psychiatrist, scientist – they will tell you that, they are…

        But that is not the point of the article, it has nothing to do with equality, difference, social status, dominance (every single female in my family has a pHD), what matters is that gentle womanly care from the female, and the manly, but very fragile attention to the woman’s needs and wants – that is chivalry, which yes goes both ways, but mostly the focus is on men.

        And thank you, I am looking forward to writing more – I just need the MUSE!

        Now since that is cleared out of the way, here is the main point:

  1. This reminds me of something interesting:

    “If women are strong, independent, and self-reliant, then men are no longer obligated to be protectors and providers. If the genders are equal, women are not more inherently valuable than men. Some men and women counter this with an appeal to biological assets. If you think women’s bodies make them entitled to special treatment, then don’t be surprised if men treat dating like a sexual supermarket. If you think women are entitled to special treatment because “that’s the way things should be” I urge you to realize the ship has sailed on that BS and shall never return.”


  2. Great piece… Thanks for showing interest in what I put out too. I sincerely hope you continue to find my works entertaining & pleasurable. Be safe.

  3. The only thing men ever needed to protect women from were other men. Oh, yeah, that and the fact that they were kept poor so that they were forced to be dependent. But you know us, we don’t really need money, all we do is spend it on ribbons for our hair and silly things like that. Enjoyed your post. Nice Satire.

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