Fuck the Millenials


Kids. Millenials. Fuck the Millenials and their electronic orgasms. Things were better before, when you were judged by how well you could act on the phone, instead of on Facebook: It was more natural. Fuck the Millenials and their tattoos and selfies and their waiting on Instagrammed asses for Baby Boomers to retire, itching to snap out to work, like snakes in jars. I remember a time when people really interacted in public, and sat alone on trains reading newpapers, instead of reading on their phones. Fuck the Millenials and their mortgage free apartments, filled with cats instead of kids, producing kittens. I remember a time when a good wife raised children and cooked and cleaned and a man, if a good man, worked, didn’t gamble too much, and didn’t cheat too much. Fuck the Millenials and their questioning capitalism. I remember a time when we knew that the world was about to end, because of communism, because of evil Russians- just look at the villains in film. Fuck the Millenials and their questioning colonialism. I remember a time when the world was perfect, when countries were white or black, rich or poor, and you could draw a line in the fucking sand: Civilized on the Northside, Barbaric on the bottom. Fuck the Millenials who question us.  


This piece of satire shared the art of Frau Isa and the fiction of L. L. As a piece of satire, it was intended to criticize the desire to romanticize the past, and to demonstrate how human beings become frustrated when they feel that they do not understand something. We believe that the generational divide is the classic example of this frustration and romanticization, where the old criticize the young for acting differently: Frustration is taken out against new trends that they do not understand, as they romanticize how things used to be, believing that the way they acted at that younger age had different motives. These older individuals, or, ‘haters,’ as say the Millenials, deserve credit because they are acting out of a place of frustration, as human beings do, and are not inventing the tendency to romanticize the past. We used satire as a tool to bring light to these extreme criticisms of the Millenial generation- typically those born after 1980. We believe that, by examining the roots of why we hate, it will help us to provide help and move forward, together, instead of picking fights against individuals. We need to give people more credit, regardless of age- Baby Boomers and Millenials included. 


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3 thoughts on “Fuck the Millenials”

  1. Cool, you old curmudge you. Tho’ sometimes we have to play soft with the mobile morons, eh? Our readership? Still, I have seen them lined on the beach, like penguins with the brains in their fists, but y’know, we, I strive to be generous and quite like to see the newspaper magnates crushed: ‘fuck the millionaires, and fuck the middle class’ you might say, though I do miss the bite of writing, all this paste that lives on the wordpress, is shocking eh?

    Anyways, sharp little piece of yours, but what’s a millenial? Tripped me…and do not tick the box, place a cross or it is a wasted ballot, I think – maybe the joke is yours ; ?

    All the best

  2. Thank you thank you thank you. I am sick to freakin’ death of these youngins acting like they control the world with their stupid Iphones and hash tags. Maybe if they channeled their creativity towards something that, I don’t know, mattered they wouldn’t have to bitch so much about what a sad world we live in. Great job and well said.

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