New poem, “Okay for Now,” by Rachael Simpson


We’ve reached the point in the evening where
our responsible selves have fallen
asleep beside us on the floor. Now
we can talk about what troubles us.

Our voices touch like whiskers
and scratch the door.
A heaviness pulls at our sleeves.
I thought you were asleep, we say.
How much did you hear?

We put ourselves properly to bed.
Pour another glass. Something
knocks into us—

bad dream
I had another
don’t know
what to do.

We do not raise our arms.
We do not shoot questions.

Over time, the moon lines up with the window.
Glasses pile on the table
like small sunken ships.

It was right there
says someone
about a deer in the yard.
We point as though we saw it, too.

this poem by Rachael Simpson was inspired by Dominique Normand‘s painting, “Walking Out”

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3 thoughts on “New poem, “Okay for Now,” by Rachael Simpson”

  1. Rachael, its Sooo beautiful, i am deeply touched by your words… they enrich the life of my painting, they tell another true story. They share in words the sensitivity i have wanted to share. I love it.

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