New poem, “Bystander,” by Jeff Blackman

Tell her not to ask what I can do.
Tell her I wish someone else would help.
Tell her I’m not joining the defense.
Tell her something she already knew.

Tell her I read but I did not share her story.
Tell her I checked in & checked away from there.
Tell her she’s not in my thoughts or prayers.
Tell her, from here, I don’t see her territory.

Tell her, here, the fall has been so long.
Tell her, here, we had the Friday off.
Tell her, today, we took a thousand photographs.
We’re working through them. Tell her it’s a slog.


this poem by Jeff Blackman was inspired by the art of Dominique Normand

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Word and Colour

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3 thoughts on “New poem, “Bystander,” by Jeff Blackman”

  1. Reblogged this on Jeff Blackman and commented:
    I have a new poem up at Word and Colour, an online magazine dedicated to confronting oppression. Given a prompt with art, I spent a couple weeks trying to think of something to write that fulfills that mission. The best I could must is admit my own shortcomings. I’ve stood by and seen a lot of bad things happen, to strangers and people I know. I hope I can improve.

  2. Amazing words and deeply touching realisation of a sad reality. Thank you so much, Jeff , i am truly inspired in turn with your poetry.

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